File Formats and EDMS Integration

a1 law and scanfilesScanFiles has worked with Mike Appell of A1-Law to come up with a unique paperless solution. You already know that A1-Law is a good case manager for workers comp, personal injury, social security and other types of law. This program has long had the ability to attach scanned documents, but with ScanFiles you can now go totally paperless almost overnight, and stay that way!

ScanFiles takes your files, and delivers the images inside A1-Law and ready to use.

ScanFiles can scan and import ALL your open files into A1-Law.

  • Scanning on your own will cost more and take a lot longer.
  • Our streamlined process and high-speed scanners get you over the hump quickly.

Scan off-site or on-site.

Which is the fastest and most cost effective: here or on-site at your office?

  • Your documents files are scanned and categorized exactly as in your paper files. Each doc can be a separate scan, or we can scan the entire tab section as a single doc – it’s your choice.
  • We can pull and scan any file in our current inventory during the scanning period, so you don’t have to live without your important files
  • Starting price is 8 cents per page, but bulk discounts are available.

ScanFiles can scan all your incoming mail each day and import it directly into your
A1-Law case files! Saves you the cost of a scanning department and equipment.

  • Your choice: Daily or Weekly pickup service.
  • We provide a valuable backup service included in the cost.
  • We can store the originals inexpensively in case you need them someday.
  • ScanFiles can store your original paper for peace of mind: After your documents and files have been scanned, we can store the paper inexpensively.
  • ScanFiles can provide online backup of all your files and images, and even give you real-time web access to your documents through our website.
  • ScanFiles can shred those sensitive documents after scanning: If you prefer destruction to storage, we can help with that too.