Daily Mail Scanning

daily mail scanningWant to go paperless?

ScanFiles will scan your Mail and the ongoing paper you generate on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in a format compatible for import directly into your records management software.

How it works

ScanFiles, Inc. will pick up documents from your office location using a Security Lock Box that only you and ScanFiles Management will know the code. A new box is cycled between Client and ScanFiles on a daily basis. Documents are then delivered to our Facility for processing.


Each document is scan utilizing SFScan and
Kofax VRS scanning software resulting in
the highest quality scans possible. Saved to
our local network and tagged using your
case and category provided from your Records
Management Software. Documents are
verified by information provided such as:

  • Patient Name
  • Case Identifier
  • Social Security Number
  • Case Number
  • Date of Birth

ScanFiles tags each of the different document types such as :

  • Correspondence
  • Rehabilitation
  • Medical Report—AME reports
  • Progress Reports
  • Authorizations
  • Bills/Liens
  • Etc…


ScanFiles will provide your scanned documents in the format requirements of your Records Management System including: PDF, TIFF, HTML, XML with Text or CSV files. We can deliver our files to your electronically via FTP/VPN or Cloud.

Once complete your original paper documents can be stored or destroyed with a Certificate of Destruction issued. Electronic copies of your documents are stored for a period of time to insure import was completed successfully, then copies are destroyed.

Scanfiles Service Module

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